Your Donations Are Making A Huge Impact!

I want to thank everybody who’s already given in those planning to give the community relief.

Our board has decided to allocate all the funds received for the website directly to community members. I have already started distributing financial aid to those most in need, and its impact is truly remarkable.

A local family experienced the devastating loss of their entire home and belongings, barely escaping. Both family members are deaf, and they conveyed through an interpreter just how isolated and helpless they felt. They were residing in a hotel without financial resources and no place to turn to. Fortunately, we could provide them with immediate assistance and even offered them the use of an RV that had been generously donated to the camp.

Witnessing the transformation in their expressions when I informed them about the available help was genuinely heartwarming. It was as if a tremendous burden had been lifted off their shoulders, replaced by a newfound sense of hope.

I am immensely grateful to everyone who has contributed, as your generosity has made a huge difference.

With Immense Gratefulness,
Terry Andrews, Camp Director
Update 8/25/23

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