Donations Surpass $20,000 and Silver Lake Camp’s Path Forward.

We want to thank everyone that has given so generously to the camp. As you may know, the Camp Board decided that all of the money that came in for fire relief on the website would be given to our neighbors. (For more information, see website). To this point, we have given over $20,000 and the remaining money that was given will be distributed as we discover needs.

While the camp itself was insured there is going to be a significant deficit. We are still in the midst of working with our insurance company to determine exactly what this will be, but our initial estimate is that we will be short half a million dollars. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to everybody who has offered and given help, as well as to those who are planning on bringing teams to help us in the cleanup and rebuilding process.

We will have a calendar of volunteer opportunities, a timeline, and a list of immediate needs on our website very soon.

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