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How I plan to Help You

When you book your summer camp with us you are not just getting a campground, you are getting a relationship.  My passion is Camp.  More specifically my passion is what HAPPENS in students lives while they are here.  My goal is to make Silver Lake the best place in the world to bring a kid to Camp.  That is not just a slogan it is a mission.  I want to make your week the best it possibly can be and will do whatever I can to make that happen.  Here are some specifics:

Free Planning Retreat: I know how much advance work it takes to make your week happen so you are welcome to plan a planning retreat with your staff anytime before April 1 at no charge.

Free Lodging for Setup: Your staff are welcome to spend the night before you start to setup and prepare. If we happen to have another camp booked that night you and you are welcome to eat in the cafeteria with them.

Culture of Caring: Every single one of our staff are committed to helping your camp in whatever way you need. Do you need ice? Ask the kitchen and they’ll be happy to fill your cooler. Need a pen for registration? We give each group a caddy of often requested and needed supplies to use during the week. Send a fax, make copies? No problem. Internet Access? Secure Wifi is available campus wide. If its within our ability to make it happen we’ll do it.

Anticipating your Needs: I was a youth pastor for 17 years and over that time was involved in every aspect of running, promoting and directing camps so I have an understanding of what it takes to make your camp happen. We put a lot of thought into how we can make your job easier. Examples? We provide a GPS with turn by turn directions for you or your staff if they need to make a hospital or supply run. Want some action in your camp video? Borrow our water proof helmet cam and send a student to get some live action footage as they are launched off the blob, fly down the Zip Line or go tubin’ behind the ski boats.

A facility that works for you: We have done our best to make your job easy. Easy to set up, easy to run and easy to leave. Examples? We have a state of the art sound, video and lighting system. Bring your instruments and mics, plug them in and you are ready to go. While you are with us we take care of cleaning, lifeguards and all support staff. When its time to go home pack your bags, turn in the keys and go. We clean the camp so you don’t have to.

A facility that works for the students: Kids come to camp for a variety of reasons but when they come they all want to have fun, eat good food, have a clean, comfortable place to sleep, shower and get ready. To that end we have an incredible assortment of fun things to do and are always adding more. Our food is kid AND body friendly. We’ve built a brand new bathroom facility that is the nicest I’ve ever seen at a camp. We are remodeling and adding bathrooms to all our upper cabins. We added AC to the chapel so no more suffocating altar calls and worship times. And that’s just a start.

How You can Help Me Help You

I want to be completely prepared for your week and the best way I can do that is if you will accurately communicate your needs and desires in advance. So please:

  • Fill out and send your contract in on time - All contracts for the following Summer are due by Oct 15 starting in Fall 2010.
  • Download, READ CAREFULLY and then email your completed communication form no less than two weeks before your camp begins.
  • Send in a copy of your camp schedule that is compatible with your communication form. (most schedules we receive are significantly different than the schedule in the communication form).
  • Call us with your total numbers no later than the Monday before you arrive. This is critical for our kitchen as they place their food order on Tuesday for your camp on Monday.
  • Let us know if you need lifeguards at times other than your scheduled free time. Remember, if you do any activity where kids are in the water a lifeguard must be present.
  • CALL ME! Whenever! I want to be able to answer your questions and I don’t mind weird requests.

Booking Information

Contact us for all booking.

Contract Deadlines

Summer Camp: March 15th.

All other camps 30 days before camp begins.

Cabin, Lodge Layout, Bed Count

Total number of beds on campus: 471

Chapel and Audio/Visual Equipment Specifications

  • 14400 sq ft
  • 450 sq ft stage
  • Chairs for 500+
  • Sound System
    • 4 18” JBL speakers flown overhead
    • 5 Stage Monitors
    • 32 Channel Mackie Onyx sound board (four monitor sends)
    • Amps
    • 4 processors
    • Equalization
    • 2 18” Powered Mackie Subs
  • Lighting and Video
    • 24 Channel NSI Light Board with one available circuit on each truss
    • 24 Par58 300W cans on the front light truss
    • 6 Par58 300W cans for backlighting and drum kit illumination
    • You can also add a pig tail and plug into a 60 Amp 220 circuit if you want to bring in some serious lighting, but you will need an electrician to perform this.
    • 5000 lumens projector
    • 12’ x 12’ screen flown from the front light bar
    • Scaler/switcher is available with one VGA, one S-Video and one RCA input going to one VGA output to the projector
    • DVD / CD / DVR player
    • Four 19” TVs available for use as video monitors
  • Stage Diagram

    This is an approximate diagram of the stage. There are actually several angled add-ons at varying elevations on the side. The back square is 8x8. The next is 36x8 and the third is 24x8. There are three sets of movable stairs that typically go on each side and the front. The back 8x8 platform is raised about one foot above the other staging.

  • Lighting and Video
    • 24 channel NSI light board with one available circuit on each truss.
    • 24 par58 300W cans on the front light truss.
    • Six par58 300W cans for backlighting and drum kit illumination.
    • You can also add a pig tail and plug into a 60 Amp 220 circuit if you want to bring in some serious lighting but you really need a person who knows what they are doing to do this.
    • 5000 lumen projector
    • 12x12 screen flown from the front light bar.
    • Basic scaler/switcher is available with one VGA, one S-video and one RCA input going to one VGA output which runs to the projector.
    • CD/DVD/DVR Player.
    • Four 19” TVs available to use as video monitors.

Camp Communication Form

Download PDF


We are always trying to improve Silver Lake Camp. If you have an idea that you think would help to improve your camp, please email us. We would love to hear from you!